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About Learning Finity

How much of the past, its people and memories, stay imprinted on the landscape? Are the trees lining the nave of a bombed-out church busy rebuilding it? And does the valerian that thrusts through cracks in walls on streets climbing from the city centre remember when the hillside was woodland called Fockynggrove, rising beyond the city walls and a very well frequented spot indeed? Yes, everything is mutable, but stories persist.

Praise for the poem ‘Oystercatchers’

‘Every word is weighted. Although nothing is explicit, something important is being enacted, and the epigraph by Camus adds an anchor, so that we guess his are the words being taken to the sea and released from the heart. I kept coming back to this and getting more from it.’ 

Pascale Petit


‘These are important poems. They carry us through despair and hope, through myths and imaginings, through violence and insight to deliver us to a place where we are not only enriched but wiser … Witty, surreal and above all redemptive, this book uncovers truth after truth and, like stars, sets them shining.’

Alyson Hallett

‘I think very highly of Deborah Harvey’s work. Her honesty draws you in  because Harvey knows that honesty is itself an art form. It needs to be strongly crafted; it is a crafted matter; and she makes a persuasive poetry from the matter of experience.’

David Morley


‘An authentic sense of travelling through history as well as through the complexities and ironies of place illuminate this confident new collection.  Deborah Harvey’s use of language is clean and fresh, and she draws with energy and purpose on archival material, such as the records of the Bristolian topographer William Wyrcestre mapping the city in 1480, or the wreck of the SS Nornen off  Berrow Flats in 1897.  Her voice remains however contemporary and deeply responsive to the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world.  Highly recommended.’

Penelope Shuttle


‘Deborah Harvey’s … poems are raw and true. She is the real thing.’      Hugo Williams 


 ‘Dart will whirl you away to a time and place distant yet familiar.’      Julie Hearn

our hare reversed

Poems made of blood and muscle, music and memory, are the ones that will endure.

Maxine Kumin